Behind the Scenes Animal Tours

See the zoo the way everyone wishes they could...from behind the scenes!!


Giraffe: Stroll behind the scenes of the giraffe exhibit and stand toe to toe with the zoo’s tallest residents! Marvel at their long eye lashes and, even longer, purple tongues as they grasp their favorite treats from your hand. Skilled keepers will be on hand to educate you about giraffe behavior, diet, and husbandry practices. This experience can be more than just a tall tale, book your tour today!

Hippo: Have you ever wanted to feed the most dangerous animal in Africa? Participants will board our Safari Line Limited Train and travel through our 30-acre wildlife preserve to the Nile River Hippo exhibit.  There you’ll get to feed and water these 3,000 pound giants.  Skilled keepers will be on hand to educate you about hippo behavior, diet, and husbandry practices.

2016 Pricing

Make your wildest dreams come true!

Individual Rates: $75.00 per person   *minimum 2 guests; maximum 10 guests

  • 30 minute private tour led by an animal care professional (zookeeper)
  • Includes all day zoo admission
  • Hippo Tour Includes train ticket 

Please plan ahead, tours must be booked 1 week in advance.

To book your tour call (850) 932-2229 ext. 101

*Due to the unpredictability of animals, tour experiences may vary. All participants must abide by staff instruction at all times.