Budgiery Adventure Aviary

Experience a Budgie Adventure!

Walk into our special free flight aviary and let the adventure begin! You can feed these gentle, colorful birds as they perch on your hand.

*Budgie Feed Sticks are available at the Gift Shop for $1.50 each or 4/ $5.00

Did You Know?

Due to their gentle nature and small size, budgies are the most popular pet bird in the world!

Australian farmers sometimes consider budgies to be pests since they can travel in large flocks and raid crops.

Budgies, like all parrots, have 2 toes that face forward and 2 that face backwards!

Boy or Girl? Look at the area where the nostrils are located. If that area is blue it is a boy, if it is brown or tan it is a girl.

Budgies have between 2,000 and 3,000 specialized feathers on their bodies! Each type of feather has an important job to do from helping the budgie fly to keeping it warm.

On average a budgie takes 65 to 85 breaths per minute!