2018 Wild Shots Photo Contest

The 2018 Wild Shots Photo Contest ends August 31, 2018!

The 2018 Wild Shots Photo Contest is open to photographers of all ages and experience levels. Each entry will be ranked overall in its entrant category based on the following criteria: composition and nature of the subject matter; clarity of the shot, and unique ability to capture the Gulf Breeze Zoo experience. 
Photos taken and submitted by any person 2 -1 2 years of age.

Photos taken and submitted by any person 13 years and older. 
Cell Phone
Photos taken and submittted by a person of any age, taken with a cell phone.


Official Rules
Wild Shots Photo Contest Rules:
    - Individuals must observe posted Gulf Breeze Zoo rules while on property taking photographs. 
    - Images must be taken on Zoo property and must be of Gulf Breeze Zoo animals.
    - By submitting the Photo Release Form, entrants grant permission for Gulf Breeze Zoo to use photos for marketing purposes.
    -  A maximum of five (5) photographs are allowed per entrant.
    - Submissions that do not meet contest rules and guidelines may not be considered for judging or prize package awards. 

General Terms:
By submitting photos, entrants agree to:
    - Release the Gulf Breeze Zoo and its agents from all liability, injuries, loss and/or damage of any kind arising from their participation
      in the contest and the acceptance, possession, and use/misuse of any prize; 
    - Be bound by the Official Rules and the decisions of the judges; and 
    - Give his or her express permission to be contacted by Gulf Breeze Zoo by email, mail, or telephone. 
By submitting a photo, entrant consents to the use of his/her name, photograph, likeness, and entry photograph for advertising, promotional, and educational purposes.
Prizes & Awards
Grand Prize winners of the 2018 Wild Shots Photo Contest will be announced here and on social media outlets.  
Each Photo Category (Adult, Youth & Cell Phone) will win the following prizes:
1st Place: Zoo Unlimited! Includes 4 Annual Memberships for unlimited visits to the Gulf Breeze Zoo for a full year ($185 value)
2nd PlaceGrand Day Out: Includes 4 Day Passes, 4 cups of food, 4 budgie sticks, and 4 giraffe feeding experiences ($125 value)
3rd PlaceChoose Your Adventure: Includes $75 gift certificate for your choice ot tickets, animal feed, merchandise...its your choice! ($75 value)
Staff PickZookeeper Gift Pack: Includes an official Gulf Breeze Zoo t-shirt, zoo animal plush and souvenir cup ($40 value)
* Winner selections are final and binding, all winners will be contacted directly for delivery method of prize packs.